Get access to 5 remote conferences and a number of exclusive perks for 500 139 €*!


Save more than 360 € on regular ticket prices (4x cheaper than buying separate); and in addition to included events, you will also get:
  • Full-access ticket remote event passes include:
    • Access to HD live stream, instant recordings and 3h workshops
    • Advice lounge, chat with speakers and QnA sessions
    • After-parties with speakers and other attendees
  • Discounts to hands-on workshops
  • Early access to initial community ticket sales of in-person events (Super Early Bird)
  • Exclusive swag sent internationally:
    • GitNation face mask (first 100 buyers)
    • Conferences and tech sticker pack
It gives free access to all our remote conferences
and 25% discount to any offline events.

React Summit (Oct 15-16)

The world biggest and most anticipated React conference, heading to virtual space in 2020 to keep international React fans connected with top speakers and core contributors from React and React Native teams.

Watch-only ticket for both Base Camp and Summit tracks is included with the pass.


Full-access ticket upgrade available at 30% discount.

120€ (Nov 5-6)

Full-access ticket included with the pass.

100 €**

GraphQL Global Summit (Dec 7-8)

Get ready for the future of data API's and meet those who're shaping the modern GraphQL toolsets and battle-test it at scale. If you're serious about adopting GraphQL to future-proof your applications - it's a must attend event in 2020!

Full-access ticket included with the pass.


The LeadQA Conference (Jan 28-29, 2021***)

Conference on modern Quality Assurance`s leadership, processes and management. Get the skill set to boost your career and help others to succeed.

Full-access ticket included with the pass.


Global Node Summit (Feb 18-19, 2021***)

Node.js have been growing insanely fast over the last 5 years, and since then became THE full-stack language that's being adopted with any greenfield projects and recent tech rewrite. If you're a front-end or back-end (or both!) engineer - you will learn a ton on how to be more productive, secure and deploy more performant applications to your customers.

Full-access ticket included with the pass.



Each conference we host is accompanied by a number of hands-on workshops, usually 2 days by 4 hours, led by top industry trainer, authors of most used OSS libraries and professional speakers.

With Conference Multipass you've entitled to unlimited 20% discount across all events. Absolute amount of the discount varies on the workshop price, example based on JSNation Live workshop prices.


Super Early Birds access for in-person events

With each conference announcement, we always prepare a hidden tickets category for our core community and pass members. Access early access to exclusive and limited offers of the coming '20/21 events including React Summit 2021.

Early Bird discount varies, see example of 2020 React Summit prices.


Total price

Plus discounts on workshops and upgrades.

* Early Bird price. All prices indicated on the page are exclusive of VAT tax, the tax percentage varies from country to country and for individual/business clients. Final price will be shown at checkout. Team multipass prices available on orders of 7+ items.
** Regular (without the pass) prices may change in future, but features of the pass and promised pass holder benefits are not subject to deductions of value. Expect only more features to be added!
*** Events pending announcement may have alternative final dates.

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