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About us

We strive for openness and technical excellence, and our mission is to make them a part of the everyday engineering culture. You’re invited to join us!

GitNation Foundation contributes to the development of the technological landscape by organizing events focusing on the open source software. We run meaningful and entertaining conferences and meetups, connecting talented engineers, researchers, and core teams of important libraries and technologies.

We support open-source projects by highlighting them and their authors at the annual Open Source Awards ceremony initiated by GitNation.

We are a foundation that celebrates diversity. That’s why for every conference, we provide scholarships for attendees from underrepresented groups, and we run mentorship programs to help people get on stage as speakers regardless of their gender, identity, ethnicity, ability or other criteria.

GitNation was founded by OSS enthusiasts, engineers, and community activists, and it has been run by them to this day.

What we do


  • React Summit

    If you ever heard of React then you definitely heard of React Summit.
    The largest React conference in the world and one of the largest JavaScript events ever.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    1600 React fans & lovers
in Amsterdam
    10k Devs from all over the globe
    60+ Speakers sharing latest insights
    10+ Free and Pro Workshops

  • JSNation

    JavaScript is #1 on demand programming language in the world with 25 millions of people behind it. Meet the ones who defines the now and the future of the prospering nation.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    1000 Personalities sharing same language in Amsterdam
    10k tech folks, joining remotely
    50+ Speakers sharing their know-hows
    10+ Free and Pro Workshops

  • React Day Berlin

    Build code, not walls. Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, React Day Berlin conference provides space for everyone to make friends and develop stellar apps together.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    700 React fans & lovers
    5k joining in remotely
    50+ Speakers & trainers sharing insights
    10+ Free and Pro Workshops

  • React Advanced London

    The React ecosystem and community have grown dramatically in the last few years, as has the complexity of web and JavaScript app development. Don't go the journey alone—connect with a global network of field experts and gain invaluable, behind-the-scenes insights. Engineers of any level are welcome, but be prepared to get hardcore.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    800 React fans & lovers
    5k Devs globally
    50+ Speakers presenting on advance topics
    10+ Free + Pro Workshops

  • React Summit US

    The biggest React conference – React Summit – comes to the USA! Network with fellow front-end and full-stack engineers, learn from industry experts, and promote your ideas all while experiencing the exciting vistas of Manhattan.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    700 Luckies meet in New York
    10k Devs from all over the globe
    60+ Speakers sharing latest insights
    10+ Free and Pro Workshops

  • Vue.js London

    Vue.js Live Conference has grown from a local Meetup to an international conference. Code, create, communicate at the Vue.js community conference!

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    300 Vue folks in London
    5k joining online
    35+ Speakers
    5+ Free and Pro Workshops

  • Node Congress

    Get up to date with all modern JavaScript backend runtimes and best practices in scaling and maintaining your apps with established solutions. Meet the driving force and people behind Node.js, Deno, Cloudflare workers and learn about upcoming trends in the full-stack JavaScript space.

    2 days: Hybrid + Remote
    500 folks meeting in Berlin
    5k Devs from all over the globe
    35+ Speakers sharing latest insight
    5+ Free + Pro Workshops

  • JS GameDev Summit

    JavaScript GameDev Summit is a 2-day online event for engineers, technical artists, and creative developers who develop games and graphics-heavy applications with Web technology. See the latest updates from graphics engine crews, game development case studies, best practices, and much more.

    2 days of remote practical talks & discussions
    5k Web devs gathering
    20+ Speakers sharing know-hows
    5 Free Workshops

  • Test JS Summit

    Test JavaScript. Test with JavaScript. TestJS Summit is getting back in 2023 in hybrid format with the first in-person day streamed from the Berlin venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment.

    2 days: In-person + Remote
    500 QA’s & Dev’s in Berlin
    5k Attendees globally
    30+ Speakers sharing latest insights
    5 Free Workshops

  • TechLead Conf

    Helping developers to achieve career goals. This conference is about leadership and seniority in teams! Engineers, managers and HR from leading companies give talks on topics such as careers and soft skills. We discuss how to become more senior and get more influence in the company, get a promotion and achieve what you want in your career.

    2 days of remote practical talks & discussions
    5k engineers & tech leads attending
    20+ Speakers sharing career tips
    5 Free Workshops

  • React Summit – Remote Edition

    The biggest React conference in the cloud with talks by core contributors from React and React Native teams. Hone your coding skills, learn React fundamentals, and get your certification via in-person or online training.

    25k+ React fans
    3 Days of talks
    2 Tracks: Base Camp & Summit

  • JSNation Live

    A 2-day conference on all things JavaScript, from best practices to advanced tutorials. Meet and network with an international crowd of software engineers and participate in JavaScript workshops for pros and beginners.

    10k+ JS fans
    2 Days of talks
    10 Workshops

  • ML Conf EU

    The largest machine learning conferences for engineers, showcasing real-life uses of artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and data science. Don't miss the in-depth talks and workshops from AI experts from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Samsung.

    5K+ ML fans
    2 Days of talks
    8 Workshops

  • GraphQL Galaxy

    Discover the GraphQL technology during an engaging remote conference. Learn it hands-on, explore the ecosystem, and meet those who shape the modern GQL toolset and battle-test it at scale.

    5k+ GQL fans
    2 Days of talks
    8 Workshops

  • TestJS Summit

    A 2-day online event for QAs and software developers where you can learn the best practices of JavaScript testing. Sharpen your skills, get the latest updates from top products' core teams. participate in workshops, and network with thousands of others JS testing folks!

    5k+ QA fans
    2 Days of talks
    8 Workshops

  • Node Congress

    An in-depth remote bootcamp for those willing to master NodeJS for both greenfield projects and tech rewrites. Review the fundamentals, get advanced training, and dive deep into NodeJS during practical masterclasses.

    5k+ NodeJS fans
    2 Days of talks
    8 Workshops

  • DevOps.js Conference

    Infrastructure, deployments, CI/CD for JS applications, hands-on learning – that's DevOps.js Conference, focused on development pipelines, continuous implementations, JS application scaling, and performance.

    5k+ DevOps fans 2 Days of talks 8 Workshops

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We grant GitNation Citizenship to individuals who provide exceptional service to the open-source community, be it in the fields of tech achievements or social activism related to open source. Citizens get free access to all GitNation's events.

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Our mission

We organize events with a worthy cause in mind — we want the tech community to become a welcoming place for pro engineers and enthusiasts alike. We encourage personal growth, provide support in learning, and nurture our community’s passion for the craft.

Do you like our mission? Would you like to contribute and join forces? Let's talk!

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