6 things to improve on your next tech event sponsorship


Today sponsorships offered at tech events have become one of the key marketing tools providing brand awareness and product visibility opportunities. Companies can also establish strong industry connections and gain valuable insights networking with speakers, influencers and market leaders. In this article, we will explore the key benefits and strategies behind successful tech event sponsorship.

Maximize Brand Visibility

Through strategic branding opportunities at tech events, sponsors can significantly increase their brand visibility and create lasting impressions. Companies can showcase their products, services, and expertise through speaking engagements, exhibition booths, merchandise, and promotional materials.

  • Speaking opportunities - sponsored talk should be informative, engaging and authentic. Make it less marketing but more valuable for attendees. Remember about positive impressions.
  • Branded booth - one of the best options to attract attention at in-person conferences. Be creative! Your booth should be visually noticeable (use neon sign boards, LED screens etc.) Get a better location at the venue and make sure that you’ve got competent people standing at the booth.
  • Merchandise - The best swag shared by sponsors of tech events is both practical and memorable, leaving a positive impression long after the event is over. Pay attention to usefulness, relevance to tech industry, customization and quality. 
  • Promo materials - tech events give a variety of options how sponsors can share their promo. Newsletters from organizers, posts in social networks, digital goodies and other features are available for sponsors. Think of a trial period of your service, some useful content that can be downloaded or a gift you would like to share in exchange for subscription.


Tech events attract a diverse range of attendees, including technology experts, influencers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Remember that sponsoring such events provides an excellent opportunity to set valuable connections that can lead to long-term partnerships. Establish credibility with the community.

Industry Insights

Featured by high-profile speakers and thought leaders who share their industry expertise and insights, successful events give sponsors opportunities to position themselves as thought leaders and subject matter experts within their specific technology niche. Q&A sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches, or workshops are available for sponsors, gaining valuable exposure and recognition for their knowledge and innovation. 

Targeted Lead Generation

Tech events attract attendees who are genuinely interested in the latest technology advancements and industry trends, as well as those who are open for new challenges and interested in hiring opportunities. Lead generation options give access to this target audience. 

  • Use a variety of lead capture techniques, such as demos, perks, trials and contests in exchange for subscription
  • Collect leads using QR scanning tool
  • Get opt-in forms shared by organizers of the events

Active work at the event engaging the interest of attendees often translates into qualified leads, helping sponsors build their customer base and drive sales.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Planning, execution, and defining target audience work should be carefully carried out to get the best results. By requesting for performance reports from previous year editions of the events, tracking and analyzing metrics like potential booth area traffic, number of attendees, social media engagement and lead conversion rates sponsors can evaluate the effectiveness of their sponsorship and make data-driven decisions for future events. With a well-planned strategy, event sponsorship can yield significant returns, both in the short and long term.


Tech event sponsorship provides an excellent platform for companies to boost their brand visibility, connect with industry leaders and influencers, gain valuable insights and reach the community. With careful planning and strategic execution, tech event sponsorship can be a game-changer for any organization in the technology industry.

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